Goodbye Lover
  [nicht mehr im Kino - Release: 02. September 1999]

Von Roland Joffé • Goodbye, Lover is set in contemporary Los Angeles, a place obsessed with image and money. A place where outward appearances matter more than inner truths.

Sandra Dunmore (Patricia Arquette), is at the center of a storm of overlapping relationships and betrayals. She is the wife to one brother, Jake (Dermot Mulroney), and mistress to another, Ben (Don Johnson). Sandra lives a life whose outward appearances seem good and pure but whose true character seems a lot darker.

There is also Peggy, (Mary-Louise Parker) a seemingly innocent bystander in the charade of power brokers and posers at the brothers high-powered public relations firm. But her floundering loyalty to either Ben or Jake would suggest that she too may be another duplicitous player in this tale of double crossing and back stabbing.

These players all scheme and plot to inherit a $4 million dollar insurance policy left behind after a plunge from a high rise leaves one character dead. The ramification of this death asks many more questions than it answers.

The person asking these questions is Sgt. Pampano (Ellen DeGeneres), a cynical, sarcastic detective on the trail of the case, determined to untangle the mess of lies and set to the truth.

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Roland Joffé
Alexandra Milchan
Patrick McDarrah
Joel Roodman
Chris Daniel
Patricia Arquette
Dermot Mulroney
Ellen DeGeneres
Mary-Louise Parker
Don Johnson
Lisa Eichhorn
Barry Newman
Ron Peer
Joel Cohen
Alec Sokolow
Dante Spinotti
William Steinkamp
John Ottman
Stewart Starkin

JAHR: 1998
LÄNGE: 102min